Sister Cristina: I'm an instrument in the hands of the Lord
Gégény István 2017. február 11.

Sister Cristina: I'm an instrument in the hands of the Lord

Cristina Scuccia won the Italian version of The Voice singing contest at 2014 as a nun. There comes many question to our minds about her special mission and she gladly answered all of them.


– The whole world recognized a religious person, who is singing in the TV, in stages, becoming a famous and interesting daughter of God. But who is Sister Cristina really? How would you introduce yourself?
– I am a young nun who deeply loves Jesus and for this reason I sing the joy of having met Him.

– The first question what comes to the mind of a catholic believer, that how can a nun be a star? It's something unusual. How can you make peace in this two really other faces of your special vocation: praying, serving God, live in a community with other sisters, but meanwhile dancing, singing in the front of cameras?
– I don’t separate the two realities. I pray, I serve God, I live in community with my sisters and I announce the encounter with Jesus through the gifts He has given me. Nevertheless, all this does not come from me: I'm just a small instrument in the hands of the Lord. It is only God who can do great things but we have to surrender ourselves to Him with confidence.

– It seems, that now you have a clear way as the well-known "Sister Cristina". But how do you remember to the first steps? What feelings were in your heart, and what were the reactions of your spiritual leaders, your friends, family and even the publicity?
– I have never been alone, the community sent me and always accompanied me throughout. At first we were a bit scared because we did not actually expect all that happened. However, at one with my superiors, we accepted Pope Francis’s invitation to go out and preach the Gospel and, thanks to the people that the Lord put by my side to help me in this my special mission, I’m still doing it today!

– Do you think that it's a great chance to preach the gospel by using your singing talent, or speaking about your faith and being on a stage is something different for you?
– I really believe that music is a good mean to get to the heart of young people, especially today that they are often far from the Church. When I get on a stage and sing, I never bring myself on it, but I bring forward the message that God has entrusted to me. This is my special mission.

– What is your opinion: would it be great if more nuns, priests would act - sing, dance - in a public way like you, or you have a very unique call for doing it?
– The very important thing is to proclaim the Word of Christ in every place, using the talents that He has given us. I know I'm not the only consecrated person announcing Lord's love through music and it's beautiful to know that the Church walks in step with her children opening itself to new ways of evangelization.

– It is obvious that God uses you as a messenger. What is your message for those, who wants to be a useful instrument in the hands of the Creator: how can we hear clearly God's voice and be enough brave to do what he wants from us?
– The message is to always love and never lose hope and faith in God. It 's true ... it takes a lot of courage to follow the plan that God has created for us ... but if we entrust our dreams to God, He will make great things of them: "I praise you, so wonderfully you made me ".

Written by István Gégény

(Thanks to the team of Sister Cristina who helped to create this interview! You can reach the Hungarian version here.)

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